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Many Incorrect Charges Found On Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Foreclosure Crisis: The Twisted World Of Mortgage Lender Error
Problems Rampant in Mortgage Servicing
LIBOR Fraud May Be the Mother of All Bank Scandals
Why Your Bank May Be Wrong About What You Owe on Your Loan
JP Morgan Mails $2 million to Military Families for overcharges
Mortgage servicing errors highlight need for change
The odds of errors with ARMs
Countrywide customers to be repaid $108 million for overcharges
Banks benefit from mortgage interest errors
If Your Loan Is Adjustable, Check the Bill
Banks must pay for mortgage internal error
Mortgage Servicer Must Pay Borrowers
Adjustable Rate Mortgage bills often incorrect
GAO: 25% of ARMs nationwide may be inaccurate
Costly Errors Lurk in Some Mortgages
It Pays to Check ARM Interest Rate Changes
Mortgage rate blunders cost borrowers thousands - Sunday Times
Many Incorrect Charges Found On Adjustable Rate Mortgages
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